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Higher Web Content

These materials on this data DVD are designed to deliver the Mandatory Content of the Web Content for Higher Computing Science

They are based around the EasyPHP DevServer software suite that includes the Apache2 web server, PHP server-side scripting language, MySQL database server and PHPMyAdmin.

This software suite is school network safe! Although it contains functioning server software, none of the servers actually broadcast on a network. Their purpose is to allow users to build and test new web sites and on-line databases without actually launching them over a network or onto the Internet.

Please note that the version of PHPMyAdmin supplied with EasyPHP DevServer may not be compatible with the version of Internet Explorer installed on the school stations. If this is the case then set and use Chrome as the default browser when using these materials

There is an extensive set of materials supplied for you, organised into folders as follows:

  • EasyPHP DevServer Materials:
    • Teaching and Learning Materials contains a set of four booklets covering CSS, PHP, MySQL and dynamic databases. There are also PowerPoint presentations to accompany each of the booklets. Should you wish to use the materials with an alternative server package such as MAMP (for MacOS) or XAMP or Abyss for the PC or LAMP for Linux , the web site files are provided. All documents and files are editable for tailoring by the centre.
    • The Windows 7 & 8 contains two fully configured EasyPHP DevServer installations that will run on Windows 7 or Windows 8 – one for the students and the other with all of the completed exercises (i.e. the answers!) for the staff. To use, simply copy the contents of the student or staff folder onto a pen drive and launch the software from it.
    • The Windows XP & Vista is similar, but it contains an earlier version of EasyPHP DevServer that is compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • EasyPHP Network Setup:
    • This contains a configured folder called HigherWebContent that should be copied to the student shared area from where it can be copied by individual students to their own documents area
    • There is a set of instructions for configuring EasyPHP DevServer on a school network to access the HigherWebContent folder – This will only work if the school network maps the student documents folder to a drive letter such as H:, etc.  Each station must be configured individually, but it does not take long. Please note that if the school network is set up to use IP addressing then this will not work and the software can only be run from pen drives.

    Price £80 + VAT (plus £5 p&p)