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Python Programming

National 4 & 5 and Higher

These are sets of materials, supplied on a data CD, for students to learn Python Programming for the Software Design and Development units in Computing Science from National 4 level up to Higher. The materials are in two sets.

The first set of materials covers the Mandatory Content covering National 4 and National 5 levels. It is composed of two Instruction Booklets. The first takes students through each of the programming concepts that they need to learn. These are accompanied by exercises to consolidate their learning. The second concentrates on using these concepts to create programs.  The programs are fully differentiated for National 4 and 5. Each program has documentation/test data sheet(s) to accompany it.

The second set of materials covers the Mandatory Content for Higher grade. It follows a similar pattern to the N4 and N5 materials with the first book introducing the concepts with exercises to consolidate their learning and the second book concentrating on employing these concepts to create programs. Again these are accompanied with documentation/test data sheet(s).

Where pseudocode has been used, the examples given comply as far as possible with the SQA Reference Language.

Sets of PowerPoint presentations are provided to accompany the materials.

'Crib Sheets' summarising the programming concepts at N4/5, Higher and Higher Standard Algorithms are provided. These may be printed double-sided and laminated and are intended to be used as references for the students while they are writing their programs when working their way through the second book in each set of materials.

Price £80 plus VAT (+ £5 p&p)