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Higher Relational Databases

This is a set of materials, supplied on a data CD, to deliver the Mandatory Content on Relational Databases at Higher for Computing Science.

In the first part, students are led through creating data dictionaries and entity relationship diagrams before going on to create relational databases using Access 2010.  This is accompanied by several exercises to help consolidate the student's learning.

From the second part onwards students will be using a supplied populated sample database.

The second part concentrates on creating forms and data input with several exercises for the students to practice on.

The third part deals with creating queries and again learning is reinforced with multiple exercises.

The final part looks at creating reports and adding a user interface to the database.

Full answers are provided for each of the exercises in all four booklets.

Sets of PowerPoint presentations are provided to accompany the teaching of the theory behind relational databases.

The sample, populated database is in Microsoft Access 2010 format, but exports of each of the tables is provided in Excel format that can be imported into Access 2007 (or even FileMaker Pro).

The Student materials are fully editable.

Price £80 + VAt (plus £5 p&p)