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CfE: BBC Micro Bit


CfE: BBC Micro Bit

This set of materials, supplied on a data CD, is to accompany the 'BBC micro:bit' computer that was made available free for every pupil in their first year of secondary in session 2015/16 to schools who registered to receive them.

The teaching and learning materials are supplied as a set of three booklets in Word (.docx) format, for the Microsoft Block Editor and the Microsoft Touch Develop development environments. There is a PowerPoint presentation for teachers to introduce the computers and the booklets – this is to familiarise the teachers not the pupils!

The first booklet concentrates on using the BBC micro:bit for the first time, setting up the BBC micro:bit App on a mobile device for linking the computer via Bluetooth it to enable it to transfer the programs to the computer as well as introducing the pupils to programming using the Block Editor. It follows a simple pattern of giving a program to try illustrating a particular feature and then challenging the pupil to produce other similar programs. The programs explore most of the inputs and outputs available on the BBC micro:bit. Each program is short so it can be quickly implemented and tested in the on-screen simulator or on the micro:bit itself.

The second booklet looks at creating software using the more advanced Touch Develop. It introduces the concepts of breaking more complex problems down into manageable blocks that can be implemented, then building and testing a program incrementally until it is completed. Again pupils are challenged to come up with solutions to similar problems throughout the materials.

The final booklet is simply a set of 50 more ideas of programs for the pupils to try for themselves. Some may be built just using the Block Editor, some with Touch Develop and others that will require the use of additional hardware.  Note that these are just ideas – they may not all be possible to implement – but that is the fun of trying! Web links are provided to reliable companies that can supply materials at a reasonable price.

£80 plus VAT (+£5p&p)