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Advanced Higher Computing Science: SQL and Form Processing


Advanced Higher Computing Science: SQL and Form Processing

This set of materials, supplied on a data CD, is intended to be used as an introduction to the concepts and practice of working with an on-line SQL database, creating HTML forms and server-side processing of the form data as specified for the Computing Science at Advanced Higher level.

The teaching and learning student materials are supplied as a set of three booklets in Word (.docx) format so that they may be amended if necessary to suit a centre's network set-up or to update following any future changes to the curriculum. There are PowerPoint presentations to accompany each of the booklets.

The first booklet looks at the direct application of the DDL and the DML statements as specified in the SQA Mandatory Content to create and then interrogate SQL online databases.

The second booklet is a short introduction to creating a variety of commonly used FORM structures in HTML and how their data is passed to the server for processing by server-side scripts.

The final booklet looks at how server-side scripting (PHP in this case) is used to process the data from the HTML form to interrogate a MySQL database and return the output to the user. The modern, Object Oriented Programming structure of PHP is used for implementation.

There are theory and practical exercises throughout the three booklets. The practical exercises are interlinked in that students will use a database created in the first booklet and some forms from the second with the server-side scripting language to give a complete solution.

A folder called HigherWebContent including a folder called 'AHSite' is included with the materials that to accompany the booklets. The HigherWebContent folder is the same one that accompanies the WebContent for Higher that is available as a separate package. No server software is supplied, but the materials are compatible with the commonly used packages such as EasyPHP Dev, XAMP, MAMP or WAMP that are likely to be already installed for delivering the content at Higher. A completed version of the AHSite folder is also included (i.e. the answers!)

£40 + VAT (plus £5 p&p)