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Preparing for Senior Management

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Margaret Morris:Margaret has nearly 30 years of experience as a teacher, Principal Teacher (Physics), Depute and Headteacher.  She has mentored and coached colleagues as they prepared for posts as Principal Teacher; Faculty Head; Depute Headteacher and Headteacher. She was responsible for the professional development of staff at each level of their teaching careers.

Margaret has trained others in the recruitment and selection of staff and represented her local authority in recruiting at all levels, up to and including headteacher posts.

Having been such an integral part of the selection process, Margaret is ideally placed to give high quality advice to those candidates who are applying for senior promoted posts.

She is also a trained counsellor and a non-executive Director of NHS Lanarkshire.

Preparing for Senior Management (for aspiring Deputes and Headteachers)

10.00 - 15.30
£179 plus VAT

This course aims to focus on 3 main areas: the preparatory phase leading up to applying for a post as a DHT/HT; the completion of a quality application form which evidences achievements; preparing for an interview, including presentation skills and interview techniques. In addition, there will be advice given on professional development and how to make an application form more likely to be selected for consideration.

Aims of the course:

  • to provide a clear analysis of the differences between posts at middle and senior management level
  • to ensure quality professional development is assiduously evidenced prior to applying for a post
  • to deliver practical advice on the completion of an application form
  • to give vital information on how to prepare for an interview
  • to examine the interview process and help maximise prospects of success
Previous attendees have commented:

‘A really useful course, well presented.  Full of practical, useful and relevant advice’

A most valuable and well presented course.  Margaret is extremely knowledgeable.  I very much enjoyed it’

‘An extremely useful course giving excellent advice on the build up to applying for DHT posts, the application form and interview process.  One of the most useful CPD courses I have done in a long time.’

Places on all our courses are limited to 16 delegates.

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