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Susan Chan is a professional mindfulness coach, trainer and consultant, CPD provider with Education Scotland and Hodder Education, as well as a member of several professional organisations.  She has a MSc in Mindfulness Studies from the University of Aberdeen and is an Ambassador for the programme and the Mindfulness Association. She is a mentor with the Scottish Chamber of Commerce, and has been recognised by the Association of Scottish Businesswomen as a finalist for ‘Outstanding contribution to Business’ and ‘Best Charity/ Business Partnership’. She works with schools and colleges, individuals, groups, charities and companies large and small. Susan Chan Associates has a range of MP3 downloads and CDs for confidence, de-stress and well- being themes. Susan’s consultancy has grown both nationally (into London) and internationally into China.

Mindfulness for students: Supporting children and young adult students
Monday 4th June 2018
10.00 - 15.30
£179 plus VAT

This is a relevant, important and exciting new course for 2018.

An increasing number of students experience stress, anxiety and confusion in an uncertain and changing world. Research indicates that interventions can change those negative patterns. This is a practical and experiential course with guided practises to enable teachers to relax students.

Who should attend?

  • teachers and professionals who work with young people
  • teachers and professionals with an interest in gaining a range of basic skills and techniques in de-stress and mindful practise

This course is for staff who work with young people in a pastoral and caring role and help them to make a difference when working with their students.

Application of de-stress approaches with young people
Research indicates that a mindfulness programme can have the potential to allow the students to:

  • cope better with mental stresses linked to being anxious or depressed
  • experience greater well- being (such as being happier and more calm)
  • cope with the everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life (such as exams, relationships, sleep problems and family)
  • improve concentration, retain attention  and focus (in class, in exams,  sport, paying attention and listening)
  • fulfil potential and improve personal, academic learning skills and metacognition
  • be more creative, calm and relaxed

Course Content

  • Effectiveness of mindfulness and the evidence for intervention
  • Mindfulness in schools
  • Neuroscience and the development of the young person
  • Development of mindfulness in a school
  • Guided practise
  • Audio downloads to support guided practise

Benefits of attending the course and outcomes:

  • the course content will examine the causes, symptoms, stress management/ strategies and relaxation
  • participants will benefit by experience, practising skills and techniques to improve decision making choices
  • to reduce levels of stress through mindful relaxation techniques
  • to create a life balance
  • to enhance personal well- being
  • to improve decision making choices and developing metacognition

Courses available to all teachers:

Introduction to Pastoral Care/ Guidance/ Pupil Support -
18th May 2018

Preparing for Senior Managment - 22nd May 2018

Supporting a Probationer Teacher in your department/faculty - 23rd May 2018

Mindfulness for Students - 4th June 2018

Using Excel and PowerPoint in the classroom - 6th June 2018

Supporting Young Peoples Mental Health AND Understanding and responding to self-harm - Friday 15th June 2018

Mental Health First Aid - 26th October and 2nd November 2018

Supporting young people with ASD and ADHD in the classroom - 14th November 2018